- 15ppm 
- Bilge Alarm 
- High & Overfill Alarm 
- Tank Level Gauging System 
- Fixed Gas Detection System 
- O2 Analyzer for IG System (IGS) 
- Gas Sampling Detection System
- UTI Portable Gauging Equipment 
- Temperature & Pressure Calibrators 
- Oil Discharge Monitoring System (ODME) 
- Portable Gas Detectors and Fixed Systems 
Fire detection and gauge monitoring devices need to be checked and serviced regularly. Team Marine Safety Pte Ltd provides servicing for automation and instrumentation devices up to two times a year. After each servicing, a report and certification will be provided.
- FiFi Systems 
- Halon Systems 
- Novec Systems 
- FM200 Systems 
- Inergen Systems 
- Argonite Systems 
- Sprinkler Systems 
- Nitrogen Systems 
- Water Mist Systems
- Fire Hoses & Fittings
- Dry Powder Systems 
- Wet Chemical Systems 
- H.E/ L.E & Heli –Deck Foam Systems 
- Gas, Fire & Smoke Detection Systems 
- High & Low Pressure Carbon-Dioxide Systems 
- Fire Extinguishers (Both Portable and Wheeled) 
- CO2 Kitchen Galley Hood Suppression Systems 
Firefighting encompasses a wide range of equipment and systems, all of which 
Team Marine Safety Pte Ltd are fully capable of servicing and repairing. Certification and service reports will be provided once our qualified engineers have ensured that your equipment and systems are up to standard.
- Annual/5-Yearly Inspection 
- Lifeboat LRRS Replacement 
- Load Testing For LRRS & Lifeboat 
- Davit & Winch Systems Maintenance & Repairs 
- Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)Maintenance & Repairs 
- Lifeboats & Fast Rescue Boats Maintenance & Repairs 
Lifeboats and rescue boats need to be serviced regularly to ensure your safety in the event of an emergency. Our company has decades of experience in repairs and maintenance of boats as well as Davit and Winch systems. Service and certification reports will be provided with each job. We are in compliance with IMO regulations MSC CIRC 1/1206 Rev 1 and IMO MSC/1392.
From lifejackets to resuscitators, we provide and maintain a wide range of equipment. Certification and service reports are provided, along with our best engineers and trainers to ensure safety is priority.
- Life Jackets 
- Fireman Outfit 
- Chemical Suits 
- Immersion Suits 
- Form Life Jackets 
- BA Air Compressor 
- Lifeboat Air Systems 
- Inflatable Life Jackets 
- Airline Trolley Systems 
- Medical Oxygen Resuscitator 
- Breathing Air Quality Analysis 
- Liferafts (T.O.B. / Davit Launched) 
- Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) 
- Self- Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) 
life saving.png
life raft.png
life saving appliances.png


Life Raft Services
life raft.png
- Ration Restocking 
- Gas Inflation Test (GI) 
- Working Pressure Test (WP) 
- Floor Seam Strength Test (FS) 
- Annual Inspection of Life Raft 
- 10% Over-Load Suspension Test 
- CO2 Cylinders Testing & Refilling 
- Bin Capsules Cleaning & Washing 
- Necessary Additional Pressure Test (NAD)